Help for my baby

Help I have a one year old daughter and an ex partner who suffers with undiagnosed ADHD. He is creating chaos around my parenting experience. He fails to communicate clearly, misses arranged visits with no notice I only find out when he is late an text to ask where he is to be met with the response that he wasn't supposed to come that day. He is oppositional prone to violent and aggressive outbreaks and has been threatening me and bullying me continuously. I have tried to engage him with his daughter but unless he gets completely his own way ie to her detriment as ignoring her routines and putting her safety in danger as he is distracted while she is in his care, he threatens me with court.

I am at my wits end and do not know how to safeguard my daughter who he treats like a toy that he has passing mad interest in and then long periods of no interest at all.


I don't want her damaged by his behaviour.

But I don't know what the solution is.the idea of court is very stressful and I can't afford representation. I currently raise my daughter with no support and no financial support from him.

What do people suggest and what experiences have people had?

Hi.  I'm sorry to hear about

Hi.  I'm sorry to hear about your situation.  I understand being worried about going to court, but I urge you to contact your city or county family law court anyway.  It sounds as though your child might be in danger when with your ex-partner, and that is not something you can or should handle on your own.  


Redkay, I am sorry you are going through this.  

For the time being, I would start documenting everything. Get a journal and write it down or type it somewhere secure and private. If the threatens you, bullies you, or does not honor an agreement, write it down along with the date and time. If he is neglectful of your child, write it down. The information could be important at some point. As could financial records of you supporting yourself and your daughter. He is using the threat of court to control you, which is pretty rich considering he is not supporting his own child. 

I know representation is expensive, but it sounds like you could use some help. Are there agencies or anything out there that you could turn to? It sounds like you could really use a legal visitation/support agreement with him so that everything is crystal clear and he cannot control everything through his whims and temper. 

My best to you.