Help needed - Non- ADHD Spouse

Me (22) and my husband (25) have been married since two years, I started living with him last year and then I had to come back to my own country to finish off my education. I went this year again during my summer vacations and now I am back here while my husband is living away from me. We discovered about him suffering from ADHD this january or so but I did not know then that it would have huge impact on our married life. He seems to feel everything in an exaggerated way, I feel like i have to walk on eggshells when I am saying anything infront of him or even about him.He is extremely sensitive about what I say to him infornt of others. Example,  He thought I am not giving him enough respect because I said "Hey what you doing" when he poured juice on his rice. We have had some trust issues before, he did not want me to go out with my university friends or attend any events or functions. I went out but did not tell him about it, I lied that I do not go out when I did. I also took birth control pills without letting him know because he was not understanding my opnion, I did not want to have kids while my education was still going. Anyways few months ago he found out about the pills, at first he was very calm about it but then he got extremely annoyed, he said every worst thing possible like I might be sleeping with somebody else and what not. This has not yet calmed down when he discovered about my social media account, which he had asked me to delete, through it he found out the events that I had attended without him knowing . He lost it all there, he took control of my everything and social accounts and went literally everywhere so he could get information about me. He talked to my ex-boyfriend pretending as me in order to get information out of him. After that his anger was out of control, he was extremely abusive, he labelled me as a flirt who used him, a whore, who only uses guys and flirts with him. I apologised again and again but he did not listen. He says I dont have any trust in your words. His anger was so much that he thought I even participated in sexual activities with others. Our families got involved, they tried to make him understand, he agreed and promised he will not investigate any further but the very next day it all started again. I am so tired of all of this. Even before we have had fights which got physical. Every now and then we would have arguments over stupid things. I got physical first because his demands were just too much. Now I think its his adhd thats exaggerating his responses. We have not talked since a week. His family is extremely supportive. He has been taking medication but he  does overdose sometimes or just skip it all together. I don't know what to do, i dont want to go back but I cant get divorced either. What guarantee do I have that he will be fine once I start living with him and we have kids? How do I know he will be willing to work on his adhd? His mother says once you come back and develop the trust and have kids, he will be fine. But I don't know, I am extremely confused