help please losing control of my family im failing help

help what do i do when ive done everything possible to help surport my family and failed what todo next

i love my family but they need me where do i  from here.....

please suggest internet sites, suggestions, books,or any thing that i can do because im spiraling ot of control and wheres that leave my family.........................

my family in brief.........husband of 16 yrs adhd/anxiety/minor depression can see worsoning,

teen 13yrs daughter adhd /depression, son 11yrs adhd/bullied at school sad could become depressed, daughter 9 yrs old adhd/odd/learning difficulties and bullied but doesnt understand life,

yeap me im included but i need help to save my adoring loving family please respond

i dont work so why am i failing please help me make my family cope and become happier