Help with Work & Insurance Claim - Keeps getting denied!

Like some others out there, my husband is having a hard time at work.  His ADD combined with anxiety & depression have left him off work at the moment.  He has lost a job in the past due to all of this as well.  He just cannot seem to cope.  He is about to lose his current job as well.  He has been denied disability through his insurance company.  We are so frustrated & at a loss.  Has anyone else experienced this?  The insurance company keeps saying to send in more documentation.  How much more do they want?!  Unfortunately Dr.'s are not always the bast at writing letters for this either.  Any advice?  Thanks.

My husband also lost several

My husband also lost several jobs due to his ADD & depression. After 2 years of not working our only option was to apply for Social Security Disability. I was prepared for a long drawn out fight to get him approved for benefits since most people that apply with physical disabilities usually get denied several times. I thought someone suffering from a psychological disorder would be denied multiple times.  We even contacted a disability lawyer immediately after filing the claim, preparing for the appeal process. Amazingly he was approved the first time. I contribute this to the fact that his psych doctor specializes in ADD and at one time worked with the Social Security Administration reviewing claims. She knew exactly what documentation was necessary to prove that his ADD/Depression made it impossible for him to hold a job.

Is your husband currently seeing a psych doctor? Does she/he specialize in ADD? I would recommend trying to find a doctor who does, then possibly contacting a disability lawyer. Gather all the information you can documenting that his ADD/Depression adversely affected his ability to work. Was he ever disciplined or fired from a job because of his symptoms? Does his depression cause social difficulties with friends, neighbors, relatives? These are the types of questions we were asked. Make sure his doctor knows of the difficulties he has with work, make sure the doctor documents it in his file. They will request copies of his medical records. If you truly believe that your husband will not be able to hold a job because of his ADD/Depression then keep fighting for it.

Good Luck