Help....How should I react?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my long distance relationship with my fianceé. He had been very distant for a couple of weeks before, but last week he started communicating more and I was happy for it.

On Monday of this week I sent him a message telling him that I needed to talk to him (because for some weird reason I felt uneasy) I felt somehow responsible for him being in the US and him feeling sad because I encouraged him to do it and I'm in Guatemala. (It was a better job opportunity for him professionally and for the both of us since we were going to get married or at least that was the plan). And since his response was very shallow I suddenly asked him if he had the same feelings for me or if his feelings had changed. He told me that he is still in love with me but he was let go off work last Friday and he didn't know how to tell me, he did not want me to tell anyone, he did not want to talk about it at that time but we would talk about it afterwards, I think that his previous change towards me had something to do with this, maybe he was already fearing that something was going to happen at work or something.

That afterwards never came. I understand completely how he must be  feeling right now, because I have been there too and all I want is to support him, because I know he is completely capable of finding a new job, he has the experience and the skills,  but for some reason he has isolated himself completely. He doesn't answer the phone nor texts. He hasn't been a drinker just socially, but I am afraid that he starts doing it more often right now.

My question is what should I do?, I was thinking of giving him 2 weeks to assimilate his reality and see if he makes any kind of contact?  Or another crazy idea I had was to get on a plane and go look for him (but I don't know if he is still at home or if he left to his dad's house in Alabama) I wanted to talk to his sister in law but I don't know if he has already told his family about it (because he doesn't like to be a disappointment to his dad.....

So I am confused if you have any idea, please share it to me.