Helping My Husband Not Miss Appointments

My husband has ADD and one of the things he struggles with is keeping up with appointments that are on his Outlook calendar.  I would love to help him with this, but I do not have Outlook.  I use Google Calendar instead.  Does anyone know if there is a way for his Outlook calendar to automatically notify me by email each time a new appointment is scheduled?  I know one way would be for him to invite me to any appointment he has, but we are looking for a solution that will be automatic, not one that will create more work for him.  Thanks for any suggestions you may be able to offer me.  

ADD IT Geek here :)

With Outlook when you create a Calendar event you can invite attendees. Whenever my DW or I make an appointment for ourselves or the kids we invite the other. When the event is saved, Outlook emails an invitation to the attendees. You accept from the email opened, in your case Gmail, then it is added to your Google calendar. You can do the same from Google Calendar. Don't forget to setup the reminder alerts ;)

Outlook saved my ADD life WAY before I knew I had ADD...



Another Option

I use an app called cozi that has a website as well. It's meant for families but we use it just the 2 of us. The nice thing about it is that you can set it so it sends you a text message reminder to your phone at a preset time before the appointment (I use an hour) to make sure you finish up what you are doing before you have to go. I like outlook but I like this system because you can manage more than one schedule and you can send more than one reminder to  more than one person.