Help,my wife will not admit she might have adhd

Hello all,I am here because I believe my wife has adhd. I've been with my wife for 5 years now,and many things have come out of hiding since then. Here are a list of issues that are doing damage to our relationship. 

*Her memory is terrible, she Forgets everything, loses things,always leaving her credit card in the card,or on the floor or anywhere but her purse.

* If I want to talk about something on my mind I can never finish what I'm saying before she interrupts me,then starts talking about something completely different to my original topic. She makes excuses for everything and cannot handle even the slightest criticism. 

*A simple task she turns into something difficult, always does it the hard long way. Like on her phone, like when she is searching for a movie, it can take hrs,instead of going to sites we know works she persists on sites that don't,then when I have to tell her AGAIN,babe that sites doesn't work she acts as if she didn't know, yet I only told her 24hrs earlier. 

*She will do things around the house that have no priority, yet the priority things don't get done.

*She cannot handle the slightest criticism,and takes it as a personal attack. From there she usually turns it around so the spotlight is on me.

*Her eating skill are that of a 3yo,chews like a cow and gets food everywhere. 

*She cannot answer a yes or know answer, instead can waffle on for ages about what should be a 20 second response,making any excuse she can. 

* We could be talking about a brown cow,then all of a sudden we are talking about mowing lawns.

* She is always wiggling in bed,throwing her hands around, puts a drink down on the bench nearly breaking it because she slams it,it's like her hands weight a ton and she can't hold them up. 

There are many more very annoying traits but you get the jist.

Every time I try and approach her about these things,or I have to take her credit card that she left visible on the seat in the car ,there are arguments,. She denies it all,makes excuses for everything and tells me I am the same and maybe I need to do something about it. I love her dearly but it's starting to take a toll on our relationship. Now I could be wrong because I don't have a habit of diagnosis through Google. When we started dating she claimed the when she was a child her doctor said she has 20% Adhd. Now I'm no doctor but that doesn't sound right,considering my youngest son (from another mother)has adhd, so I know what the signs are, and they are so similar in ways it's not funny. I have asked her in every way imaginable to get help,but she denies it all and turns it into what I need to get help for. 

Please, does this sound like someone with ADHD or an I going crazy. And if so,how can I get her help without her taking as an insult or personal attack.