Here we go again

Just needed to get this out. My husband has just told me that he will be on vacation in a week...and he's dying to go away somewhere. I told him it is ridiculous and unfair that he makes such a hasty decision without consulting with me and now expects me to make it happen. Mind you, we have a 4 year old. For 5 years now I've been telling him how he needs to take a vacation from work, so that we can do something. He NEVER wants to take off, not one single day. We can't plan anything. Someone on his job told him of their wonderful PLANNED vacation and now that's where he wants to go. When I said that it is too short notice, he blows up and says "you tell me to take vacation time and when I do, you don't want to do anything"...?!? I'm in the middle of pms-ing, have planned appointments and things to do that week and now I'm supposed to drop everything to make this "pop up" vacation happen? Now he's upset and is walking around here sulking.  He literally packs a bag the night before and is ready to go, never helping with any of the planning or pre-vacation tasks. Am I wrong for taking a stand and saying NO...not this time sweetheart?  I'm so tired of this!