Here we go again with H not going to work so he can find another job!

H hasn't been to work all week. He's been too into his video game to leave the house. I sent a message to H about whether he was at work and he sent me a frowny face. Day 3 of not working. Then he tells me "I've been looking for a temp job." Okay here we go again. I say "What kind?" He goes "Leaving options open. There's a couple of restaurants looking for cooks and asst cooks. Might be time to learn something new." Great! You'll go and work at a restaurant with crappy hours probably making minimum wage. Meanwhile you're not going to a job you already have so that you can look for a job that you want to have to get out of a job you just said a few weeks ago you really like but now they've cut your commission (the part that you never should have been getting in the first place!) and you think you need to go somewhere else. What happened to this sales rep job you were psyched about a week ago? Are you looking for a temp job between this one and that one which you swear you are going to get?? For some reason you can't eke out another month or two at this job if you are so sure you're going to get this other one ? Every time he wants to look for another job, he needs to take a week off of work without pay to spend 10 minutes a day looking at Craigslist ads for jobs that he wont' spend the time filling out paperwork for!

He even had the nerve to send me a message yesterday asking if I'd stop by his work and pick up his check for him since they seem to be the last place on earth that doesn't direct deposit!! There was no way I was doing that! I'm not lying to everyone telling them you're sick when you simply don't want to work. I'm sure as hell not going out of my way to get your check when all you are doing is sitting at home drinking and playing video games. If you can't get yourself to work then I guess you won't get your check!