Here we go again with husband not going to work!

So H worked OT last weekend. 6 hours on Saturday for time and a half and 7 hours on Sunday for double time. That amounted to 23 hours extra that was going on his paycheck. Great! However, then he took both Monday and Tuesday off for what I am assuming he felt he deserved for his weekend that he never got. Well there goes 16 hours of the extra 23 you were supposed to have which left him with 7 extra hours on his paycheck. Then I get home last night and he tells me all about the crappy day he had. He tells me his manager has been on a rampage lately with everyone and he was going off on H all day yesterday. I then say to him "But you said he was being that way with everyone, right?" to which he replies "Well no mainly just me". So once again you are having issues with a manager or co worker. It's NEVER NEVER EVER his fault when this happens. It's always someone else going off the deep end over nothing. Said this guy kept following him around and then told him to go up to a certain area and work and he did but then he had to go to another area for a few minutes and the guy couldn't find him and went off on him about that. Then the manager caught him sitting at the computer when he should have been working and H tells him that he was just logging into this specific job he was working on. Manager goes "You've been up here for 30 minutes and you are just NOW logging onto it" Husband goes "I just forgot to do it earlier" Manager then goes "How OLD are you??!!" That sets H off and he starts asking the manager if he ever forgets anything and the manager apparently said "All the time" and then H goes "Well how old are you?!" Then they go and talk to the manager's manager who just basically sees the whole thing as childish and nothing gets resolved.

So I just KNEW that after the crappy day he had that he wouldn't be going in today. Oh he made it out like he was going in. Got his motorcycle and gear all ready to go last night so he could just get up and put it on and go. Oh and he told me on Wed. that he was going to work this weekend, which he was happy about to make money, but if you don't work on Friday's then they don't allow you to work OT on the weekends. So the alarm goes off at 3:15 this morning and goes off every 10 minutes after that until 4 AM. He is supposed to be in at 5AM. At 4 he resets his alarm for 5:30 and texts his manager giving him some excuse as to why he's going to be late. Gee you don't think your manager sees right through that after the blowout you just had with him? I tell him flat out that he's not going in so why is he setting the alarm. He goes "Shhhhh" because he doesn't want to give me a truthful answer. I go to him again "I KNOW you aren't going in" and he goes "I am riding my motorcycle so parking won't be a problem and I can go in late. Plus if I don't work today I can't work this weekend". I go "Yeah I know, you did the same thing last month and couldn't work that weekend either which led to you taking 2 weeks off". He gets all huffy at m. Anyways, the alarm goes off again at 5:30 and I get up and he resets it for 6:30AM. I leave the house at 6:45 and he is still in bed and has apparently reset the alarm yet again.

There's no way he would be into work before 8AM if he did go in and why would he go in at that point? I agree with his old ARE you? If somebody at work pisses you off you think you have every right to just take the next few days or weeks off to "show them what's up". He acts like a child. I have known him for 10 years and in that period he has worked at 4 different places. Each one there were managers and coworkers he had blowouts with and they were NEVER his fault. His current job he's been at for 6 years but he has been on all 3 shifts and in many different parts of the factory trying to find a place he's happy but each area there's always at least one person who he just can't get along with. Does he not see that HE is most likely the problem in these situations? He just thinks they always single him out for one reason or another. He fought tooth and nail to get a desk job and they actually chose him out of a pool of candidates. After 6 months he couldn't handle it or was bored and wanted out of the job but he said no one would listen to him. So what was his solution? He didn't go into work for almost a full month as he said that was the only way to get the point across to them that he wanted out!  Who does that? Or who does that and still has a job to come back to?

So if he doesn't go in today he will be minus 1 hour on this paycheck when he should have been +23 hours. He still thinks he's making huge bucks because he's working OT but then he negates all that work by pulling this crap! He has been getting raises every year but according to his W2 his annual pay has gone down every year because each year he takes more and more days off. The first year I moved out here he had over $50,000 for the year. Now he barely cracks $40,000.