He's going to have to get our daughter in school

I just realized that as I'm working my 2 jobs and taking overtime on top of that and barely making the rent and he's not working and just sitting there watching Law and Order or Star Trek, that our daughter needs to be registered for school. School starts Monday. He has said he's "very motivated" to get her into school (you know it's because he can get rid of her most of the day so no distractions from TV watching). He says he will drive her every day. That's the extent of his "motivation." 

He has not done anything to actually get her into school. I have been homeschooling her the past year. Now he wants her in school but has not even looked up ANYTHING even though he has my second computer with access. All these months I've been mentioning things and he's ignored them because hey, I will do them, right?

No. I won't I won't do it at all. I am done with him sitting there. He can figure it out. He's 43 years old. He should NOT need any help from me. I'm busy most of the day with all these jobs to keep a roof over his head and feeding him like he's my son.

I don't think I should feel at all guilty for pushing this man to move and DO SOMETHING. It always falls on the woman as if we gave birth to our husbands or as if they're too stupid to live. We always have to take care of the kids AND them.