Hi new here and just looking for advice and support

Hi everyone, I found this site looking at help with ADHD relationships I have my boyfriend who was diagnosed with ADHD years ago and isn't on any medication. At the start of our relationship it was wonderful he couldn't leave me alone his hyperfocus was me (as I'm sure so many of you have had the same situation) as time has gone on his focus is more on his PC and gaming which is a big passion and YouTube lets plays are a have to do which I completely accept, as it's always been "him". I have researched his condition because I know what can feel like him not caring, saying things that can hurt, not listening etc etc are part of the disorder and I'm very strong willed and love him to death so understanding the condition has helped me get to know how his brain functions. However it's still very difficult not to feel thrown aside and not important anymore, he never asks me to out for a meal or to go out anywhere but does meet his friends a lot more and does things with them, he comes over once a week and stays a night or two and we have a great time and couldn't be happier his energy is wonderful and I feed of that as soon as I'm with him and we work as a team very well. From what I've read and experienced relationships with ADHD are even more difficult and both people need to work at it, the big problem I have major depression to deal with and possibly I'm type two bipolar recently I've suffered a major relapse I'm extremely depressed and had to go on medication and I'm holding on with everything I'm working full time and life at home is difficult so I need a lot of support..... Sometimes I can say how bad I feel and it's like I haven't even said it, he'll go on to whatever has his attention. Like I said I have done a lot of research having my condition has helped me to understand and research all I can, so when he does ignore me etc I don't react with anger or upset I simply let it go but some help on how to approach sensitive subjects like both needing each others support in different ways etc. just some general support would be nice he's barely spoken to me for days only a few texts mainly about what he's doing and I've had a big panic attack tonight to top how I feel.  Thanks everyone