Hi YYZ and all you ADHDers out there: Sleep Issues and ADHD

 I was googling sleep issues and ADHD for my son, and I found an article from ADDITUDE magazine that stated that the circadian rhythms of individuals with ADHD are off, and that *brace yourself because this is going to sound CRAZY* taking a full or nearly full dosage of your daily meds 1 or 2 hours before sleep will help you sleep better.  I am not yet on board with that for my son, but I can tell you that anyone who knows me knows I have been saying I am chronically tired since puberty.  Apparently we ADHDers get less REM sleep as well.  MY ADHD Mom doesn't seem to have these sleep issues, but my son and I sure do.  IT WORKED!!!  My brains slows down enough so that I can actually sleep.  I sleep so soundly now!!!  So now I take my full dosage of Focalin twice a day.  Before I read somewhere else about the REM sleep issue, I noticed I could remember my dreams better.  I also don't toss and turn as much.  Totally counterintuitive, I know.  Like giving someone a stimulant to slow down their brain, I suppose.  I don't know if you have sleep issues, but in case you do, you might find this helpful...

I am posting this under "Progress" because when you have spent the last 20 or so years wondering if people are lying or trying not to complain when they say they feel well-rested, sleep IS an important step:)!

Going to bed now :)!!!