His ADD vs My Mental Health

Do any of you non-ADDers feel like your whole personality is having to change to live with your ADDer?  I have been dealing with this for over 30 years.  Not only am I on Xanax, Ambien, and Celexa, but who I am is completely different than who I used to be.  I know most of you are laughing saying IT'S THE DRUGS GOOFY!, but it isn't.  We all know that "controlling our emotions" is essential in our marriage, but I have begun to avoid my husband because I don't WANT to have to control my emotions.  I used to be extremely out-going, but lately I have become the "quiet one" in my group.  I'm finding it difficult to even have a conversation with my girlfriends.  I feel like zombie-girl.  Also, my memory is bizarre because I can totally and completely forget what I did the night before.  Having to have such a tight rein on everything that comes out of my mouth appears to be making me not want to talk at all.  My husband has moments of clarity, but for the most part he seems to walk around in a fog.  I can't tell what he is thinking or NOT thinking because he rarely says.  I am hiding out most of the time, and losing myself in the process.  When I spend time with "normal" people, I dread going home because the comparison is so depressing.