His Tantrums are killing me...

"His tantrums are killing me!"   This may seem dramatic but I suspect this group may understand.   Im a newlywed of nearly 3 months.  I knew something was off during our 2 years of dating. I racked my brain, I read, I researched... I called in his mother to help with some of the situations ( big mistake, but I still hold on to the fact that I had no other option at the time).  The issues weren't completely clear.  He was over his head with a failing business, a business that his family, including his brother ran together.  His brother, unfortunately and suddenly, passed soon after opening the business.  So obviously there was some con fusion about his actions.  I thought grief, stress, anxiety etc. u till a month after our wedding (which was a total shit show) I finally found it...   "My ADHD husband is driving me crazy".  I read and read and read and the stories were so familiar.  It really hit the nail on the head.  


So so here we are, newly wed.   Absolutely no intimacy, maybe once since the wedding and once in probably 3-4 months before the wedding.  (Yes!  Red Flags) I find it so hard to explain, but the tantrums and the "opposite" or " difficult, stubborn, backwards behavior are exhausting.  I feel like I'm on his runaway train and the flames are getting bigger the faster we go.  I am supposed to just be silent, and not mention that he is ruining us financially.  I'm just supposed to be along for the ride silently, never speaking up about the danger ahead and God forbid I speak up about how these things are affecting me.


Well I came here to discuss tantrums... I just can't take it.  I recently made him leave the house.  He's so out of control, insulting me, terrorizing me, screaming at me, slamming doors, harassing me, following me around combining stories and really just not making any sense.  I used to leave, but honestly I got pretty sick and tired of getting up out of bed and leaving my own home on cold, snowy nights.  F that!  Before that I just tried to go out the front door, he followed,  or to the bedroom, he followed.  I feel that it's honestly abusive.  He scoffs at the accusation and big surprise, so does his mother. She suggested th