Hoarding?! Help!

I have talked about how we may be unable to stay in our home because my husband lost his job. I got a part-time job but I'm not sure how much work I'm going to get from that, and he refuses to admit there is a problem. He also refuses to pack or get ready in any way to move out, if we can't make rent.

His mother is moving out of the family home where she has lived for 44 years. Her new accommodation will be much smaller. She keeps giving us stuff and he keeps taking it. We have pictures, books, envelopes (hundreds!), etc. Our house is already stuffed to the gills and he keeps bringing in more stuff. I am going crazy! I am supposed to keep all this ugly stuff and not sell it. What can I do to make my house make sense again? Why can't he see what his inability to provide for us and now, inability to have a house I can walk through, is doing to me? Or does he just not care?

I don't know if this is an ADD thing or if he just doesn't care.