Hobbies for NonADHD spouse

Need advice My husband of 2 years has ADHD. I suspected this going into the marriage but wasn't aware of the implications. I helped him figure out he had ADHD.  We are able to talk about our struggles and he has really worked hard to make changes. (as have i) One of our biggest challenges is that I can't keep up with his whirlwind of a life!  I have 3 kids from a previous marriage and he is a wonderful step-dad. But he has a ton of other interests that don't include us and they change with the season. I know he needs these outlets to be fulfilled so I feel that i should find my own interests. There are a few hobbies that we share and frankly that's enough for me. But I still feel like I'm getting "left behind". If I do find my own hobbies, won't that drive us further apart because of less time we have together. Advice would be appreciated. 

Hobbies are good

Hobbies are great for everyone. I have ADD and have my hobbies, electronics, computers and my car, childish I know :-) I try do work on these hobbies after the "Need to do's" are done, usually late night, sometimes in free moments on the weekend (Rare). My wife used to complain that she wished she had hobbies, and kind of resented mine. Not really fair, as I always encouraged her trying to find a hobby or go see her best friend on the weekends and so on. Now she has discovered painting and it quite good and has gotten involved in her church, which I attend for regular service with her. The trick for us ADDer's is to not let the hobby consume everything, which was hard for me before medication and my study of ADHD's effects.

Yes... Get a hobby, as we all need a little escape from all the "Have to-do's" in life...