I just got the book ADHD Effect on Marriage. I am the partner of a wonderfully messed up man. If it was only ADHD. But I see how it has effected all his choices . How many times I have tried to talk to him about choices! Anyhow this is about hope. Today I start a new adventure and hope with his and my effort we can find happiness because we are still in love. Go figure I don't know how it is possible. He was diagnosed in childhood and was on med. for years till  either he didn't take it anymore or his parents just gave up. He was also part of a program at an organization in Toronto but doesn't have alot of info to share. I have been trying for years to make things better to use my great wisdom and  patience but  am ready to apply what i am about to learn and be happy again. He says he wants to so here we go. My hope is that this sight , the book, and our effort will help us help our relationship and everyone who couldn't understand why I have stayed for so long will begin to see " I was just waiting for my miracle ".