I stumbled across a blog. today of a young lady who has in her words, "full blown" adhd. As I read what she had written I knew right away about her struggles...What she say's is real, and it's the hope I've held onto for 8 years.  If My wife could have said these things to me in the beginning, I think our lives would have been so much better. If she could speak openly and peacefully now (without the chip, and anger) it would change our lives. Maybe some day she will, I still have hope! And if I could thank this Young lady for encouraging me in my hope, I would love to....

I'm posting the website in case some of you would like to read it....It's entitled...The adhd Christian, and The adhd Christian part 2.....She has another one entitled I'm getting married, but he's not "The One"  There all good...But, she is a believer, so if Christians offend you, you may not want to read them.