Hope for the Future - J

I wanted to share some things I've learned about having ADHD, and any limitations I've experienced in my life in more recent times. Coming to this forum, helped me learn a great deal about ADHD an how I can apply them to myself. First and foremost: figuring out what was ADHD and what was something else? That appeared to be the biggest challenge I faced in finding out the particulars as they applied to me. I now have a pretty good handle on what they are.

In no particular order, I'm:

-ADHD..emphasis on the hyperactive 

-Dysthymia...or chronic low grade depression. It's just under the radar most of the time, but, it's always there. Been this way, most my life.

-Dyslexia....mild. Not really a problem but, it appears at times in subtle ways.

-Anxiety/ OCD/ Hoarding. The OCD is very mild and manageable and hasn't been an issue, but, I still recognize the tell tale symptoms at times which makes me feel aware and in control. It's good to know what your seeing and then, what to do about it.

The Hoarding I simply went cold turkey. I sold everything I owned except what I could fit into my Van and moved out of state. Now that's one way to do it!! Lol It feels good not to have all that "stuff " anymore. And, I don't miss it. The biggest lesson I learned!

So what I've learned is this. I went completely off any medication and decided to go wothout. My depression was definitely there, so I defaulted by going back to what I know.....swimming. 

In three months time, I lost 20lbs, and was swimming up to 6,000 yards in 2 1/2 hours. That's 3.4 miles if you convert it. 

I proved to myself, that at age 65, I could still do the same distance as when I was 18 years old. I dug down deep, and found it in me once more.

From there, I've kept proving that I have no limitations except my own false beliefs about myself.

I've returned to work....put in 10 hour days, got a raised, and am out performing my co-workers that are in there 30's and 40's. I can sit down and focus and concentrate for 8 hour stretches...without a break, and without taking a lunch. I do this, by will, self discipline and hyper-focus. No medication except a double espresso in the morning!

These things I have are only limitations, if I allow them to be. Digging down deep everyday has become my quo. Cleaning, staying organized and hygiene have all improved dramatically with the help of my girlfriend who's paved the way in providing a neat and organized living space to follow her lead. I'm not perfect, but, following instead of leading works, seems to be key for me.

As Yoda said: No try...only do