Horrible Morning

My 10 year old daughter woke me up at 4 am.  She said she did not "get a wink of sleep" and wanted a drink--she is afraid to go downstairs by herself.  I used the bathroom and then went downstairs.  I was fortunately able to get back to sleep after she got a drink.

She was asleep when I woke up.

She often keeps claiming that she is coming down for long periods of time only to then finally announce that she is looking for some missing article of clothing.  She did this today and claimed she did not have a shirt.  I found several shirts in the dryer and gave them to her.  She spent a long time telling me that she was putting on one of them and that I my asking her about it was preventing her from doing it.  

Our 16 year old son slept through school yesterday.  Today, he was up early and ready to go.  He was getting mad that she was not coming out of her room to leave.  I had to tell him to stay out of it several times.  I gave her a minute to finish putting on the shirt.  He opened her door (we removed the lock a few months ago because she pulls this so much) and announced she was hiding under the covers.  I had to struggle to get the covers away.  She was wearing a bra but had not even started to put on a shirt.  She then complained that she would be too hot because it was a gym day.  I pointed out that I gave her several shirts, including T-shirts.  I finally had to put one over her head.  Then I had to lift her out of bed.  She went downstairs and complained.  I had to find her shoes among all of the mess in her room.  Then she refused to put them on.  I had to try to put them on her.  I started ordering an Uber ride to school for my son, but she was finally ready.  In the car, I asked why she did not ask for help and said I needed her to communicate with me.She kept giving nonanswers--I shouldn't communicate with her.  Then my son interjected that he thought she was just tired.  She latched on to this explanation and said she did not get sleep because Alexa was not working right.  I dropped her off and then my son was late to high school.  Given all of the hassle of getting her ready to leave, I was not able to take the time to get her to take her medications.

Earlier in the week, she kept saying she was coming out or getting her shoes on.  When I finally opened the door, she was watching something on a tablet that she was not supposed to have--and did not have any shoes.  That evening, she repeatedly called me on the way home from work crying about how unfair it was that my wife would not let her watch anything as punishment for sneaking the tablet in the morning.

Last night, we got to sleep late because my wife discovered that our daughter had wet her bed and failed to tell us or clean it up.  She had had an accident in her room over the weekend and said that she cleaned it up with her old clothes.