How to Ask Current Marriage counselor to get trained on ADHD Marriages


My husband and I have seen our marriage therapist for over a year. We specifically selected her to help us through discernment therapy. Out of this we decided we wanted to stay married and work on ourselves and marriage. During this time I read a couple of Melissa's books and other ADHD and marriage books. My concern is that my husband nor the counselor know much about how ADHD affects our marriage. About a year ago I asked the therapist to do some reading herself and cited this website. As far as I know she didn't and I feel that I need to make the request again for her to gain some additional knowledge and skill about how to keep working with us while weaving in how the ADHD affects us. My question is, how should I phrase this request? We don't want to find a different therapist but the ADHD is like an elephant in the room and I'm the only one who can see it. Thanks.