How to be precise about this disorder?

How could I be precise about my ADHD partner’s disorder?

Firstly, I'm a Japanese and I'm sorry if my English skill isn't enough to explain my thoughts.

I really would love to understand him as much as I can, accept his everything and love the way he is.
And stay his side whole my life.

So I'd like to talk about what he is bad at and what he wants me to do about things he's bad at.

But would ADHD individuals mind if their partner start the conversation about their disorder?

Or would they be happy about that their partner is trying to understand, accept and love the way they are?

To start to talk about this with him, how should I start to talk to not hurt him?

By the way I really love his everything so far and respect that he strictly pursues what he loves(in my boyfriend’s case, it’s web designing), and even tho there are some bad  affects because of his disorder (like he can’t concentrate, being late to complete his work)