how to bounce 20 balls in the air and survive

well 2nd time blogger- if thats the term, women adhd? Hummm to me is a gift (on a good day)! Have teen (19) also female with adhd diagnosed after me hahaha. I would like to know if the rest of female group suffer from on and off depression? I r a very high achiever and always have 20 balls in the air- but come holidays- agghhh most folk love them but me- well fall in a heap- no structure. Wake up in the morning and hey a full day- duh? what do i do, humm sit around, worry, what should i be doing? What can i worry about, lets think of something............ and so on. Can you imagine- well I am sure that a lot of you can. So to depression- is it ok to do a few months on SSRI's, is like rounding self up and pointing self in the right direction? 20 balls in the air- is very difficult for others to come to terms with. Like for us with ADHD- ' sit down relax, chill out and take the weight off" like in this lifetime or the next?? Righto- is it just me that feels like this? Cheers Tree Frogs