how can i deal with a lying husband

the reason why i signed up is because im tired of getting lied to and its not ok. so heres my story i like to tell of  my past experience and still going to this day. it started when i was 2 months pregnant with our daughter Isabella and we were in the car and my hubby was online on this dating sites called Meetme. he told me that it is was okay for me get on and create an account and i like was "ok like what would it hurt" so 2 weeks down the road he started to talk to his ex (Harley)"i was like are you F-ing kidding me" so we talk about it and i told him i don't like it all so he told me that he didn't like me talking to my friend Gary (who was my long-distance ex-boyfriend). well one day we went to the hilton head island beach with jaci, jon and his cousin after going Danny left his phone in his sisters' car and Danny called his sister Jaci and asked if she could bring his phone to the house...3 days later Danny got his phone back well the news that he told me that his ex Harley sent naked pics of herself to Danny phone...he blocked her and that was end of that story of his the mid-april i was in my 2nd trimester of my pregnancy and it sucked for most started out has okay day then when came to taking a nap well i didnt really take that many naps when i was pregnant i should of but i didnt i was still dealing with danny and online dating sites that he was getting day danny had a day off and he came back and took a nap well instead of me taking nap i wanted to see who he was texting well come to find out he was talking to this girl i dont remember her name well it done pissed me off to no end ties with danny...he sent pictures of him and dick ...i almost wanted to leave him and i wanted to go to my mom's, but i decide not to therefore i dealt with it and asked him and he straight up lied to my face...he didnt want to the tell the truth and face it the reality that was happening...that day he lost all of my trust the only way he can get back if he doesnt get on those sites anymore then i can trust him again....but its gonna take a long ass time for me to trust him again and to be honest "i dont know when that will be" maybe in the near future until he learns to respect me and my wishes and we are seriously done. i just dont know what to do anymore? Another thing that really bothers me is when he tells his family im cusing of him cheating and they tell him "look either cheat on her or break up with her" thats his family opinions but he doesnt want to because he really loves be truthful here "if he really loves me he wouldn't of gotten online and started something that will never end until he stops completely