How to communicate to my ADHD husband

Hello everyone,

We recently discovered that my husband has ADHD (i believe it to be advance however he can only admit to it being mild). I feel like I have to be there for him and in the nearly 7 years of marriage emotionally he's never there for me.

The hardest issue that we have experience over time and has gotten worse now. Is that he talks and talks and I listen patiently but eventually if I try to interrupt to express an opinion or to add something to the conversation (so it is not a monolog) He gets mad says I never listen to him and that I always interrupt him. I really feel that I am not getting the minimum I need from our relationship, I having to be understanding but he's not even trying to understand me, I having to listen patiently but I get zero tolerance. This issue makes me feel so alone, like I know he loves me and he is a wonderful father and husband but whenever I need emotional support or appreciation for all the understanding and patience I give to him, he then has none of it for me and to top things up now that he knows he has ADHD he is very defensive with me and because I get emotional and feel that I hopelessly support him (extra cleaning, cooking and being extra nice to help him relax) with no support in return, he now said that I may suffer some kind of Personality Disorder. Which is so unfair given the fact that all I need from him is that he sympathetically  listens every now and again when all the chores and everything I have to do gets a bit too much for me.

So I guess I need some advice on how can I communicate to him that I am not getting the minimum emotional support that I need without offending him or getting him on the defensive side of things? If there is anyone out there that has any ideas I am all eyes and ears. Thanks