How To Communicate When Shut Down

Hello all, 

I have been here before and looking for some advice if possible. I am the non ADHD partner of an ADHD individual who is untreated (medication, coaching, therapy). My anxiety has gotten the best of me in times of stress and the inability to communicate with my ADHD partner. I am taking responsibility for my part and changing what I need to, to better deal with my anxiety because I am responsible for that. My partner on the other hand has shut down after arguments, asked for space and is no longer staying with me at our house and instead at his parents. It has been almost 2 weeks without any communication on what is happening. How do I better handle this situation without it backfiring? I am definitely one to pursue and try to work on it. I have come to realize that is getting me nowhere. Both of us see things through different lenses, and I need to know how to handle this gingerly without making it worse. When one has ADHD, does the desire exist to want to work on things when there is more space involved? I am currently trying to understand ADHD better and see how it takes effect in everyday life. I went to a support group which helped me better understand that we both see things differently. How do I get back to being shiny again?