How to deal with someone who thinks they can do everything?

Hi all - 

My husband hasn't been able to keep a job for more than 18 months throughout our 21 years of marriage. The last job he had was almost 2 years ago, and he has made zero effort to find a new one. I'm fine with this, since he doesn't get good jobs and I work full time and make a very good living, he takes care of household things (for the most part). The kind of jobs he tends to get are very low on the totem pole since he gets fired for something or other every time, or he finds a reason to quit within just a few months. I gave up on him being a contributor money-wise many years ago. 

Anyway, here's my current issue. I mentioned an initiative at work we're doing to cultivate a very specialized type of persona. His response was that we should talk to him since he knows about this stuff and was figuring it out years before anyone else and has all the expertise that anyone could ask for in his head. First of all, he's never done anything in this field, has zero experience in this field, and I just found it completely weird that he would position himself as someone who did. He was very offended when I gently asked him what kind of experience or projects he's done that I could present to my team as proof of these experiences, and came back with how it's all in his head and if people would just listen to him all their problems would be solved. WTF. 

Is this an ADD/aDHD thing? I get this constantly, the inflated ego, the need for praise where praise isn't due, the glorification of non-existent skills. Sometimes I almost feel like he's mentally ill.