How to deal with unmedicated hyper husband.

Hi All,

My husband has ADHD, I'm sure of it, but he won't get diagnosed. I have been doing hours of research on how to deal with this/him, and have learned a lot about myself, and my reactions while doing so

My question is how do I react or not react when he is  going a mile a minuet on the phone telling me about his day or when he comes home from work and he is hyper. Lately I just have been letting him talk and finish before I start saying something, and when he comes home I try and let him un wind, but sometimes he is still hyper, while we are watching tv. He will start talking to the show, or playing with the dogs. I just calmly say sorry I'm trying to listen to the show, and he normally just says sorry.  

Also I would like for him to put his comics away and tie up the boxes in the garage. I have asked him twice now to put his comics away, and even got him comic boxes, bu they are still pilled up in the family room. Any suggestions.