How did H NOT think I would find out this was a blatant lie??!!

Oh the fun the past few days have been. Tuesday I get a call on my work phone that says "restricted" so I didn't answer it. No message was left so I figured it was a wrong number. About 30 minutes later my manager comes down with a note saying that this person couldn't get in contact with me so he talked to her and asked if I worked there and gave her his number a case number and wanted to know when they could schedule a time to drop off court papers. My heart started racing as I had no idea what this was about and now my manager knows about it. I Googled the number and all I could find were people saying these people were rude and saying that they needed people to call back and anted money from them. I called the number and gave the person my case number and she said that this was regarding H. Of course it is! I certainly don't have anyone after me. I was then put on hold to talk to someone else and then she came back on and said he was on the phone with H. I then called H and asked if he got a strange phone call and he said "Yup, it's all taken care of". I ask what it was about and he tells me it was a debt collector wanting money for, get this, his ex's engagement ring from 20 years ago!!! A ring he never paid off. They wanted $10,700 for it but then settled for $2500, which he promptly put on his credit card so now he is nearly $13,000 in debt!

Then he couldn't go into work on Tuesday because he was stressed out from the call so stayed home and worked on the garden. Then yesterday I see via our online records that he sent a text to his manager at 8AM, which I assumed was him telling him he wouldn't be in. I get home that night and see he told his manager that he had to go to Seattle regarding the collections call he got the day before, which was absolute bullshit! Anyway, H sends me a Facebook message at 3:52 saying he's leaving work in a few minutes and he'll see me at home. He's supposed to work until 6PM. Well I knew damn well at that point that he was setting up for me not being upset when I find him at home. I leave work 5 minutes later and if he indeed was leaving work the same time I was, he may have beat me home by 10-15 minutes. Yet I get home and he's got boards all put together around the garden, the electric saw has been set up and obviously been used, tools sitting all over the yard, all the windows open, he's sweaty, the radio is blaring. I say "You've been home all day haven't you?" He says 'Yup, pretty much". I was flabbergasted! Why did he just send me a message an hour earlier saying he was just leaving work when he KNEW I could tell he'd been home all day?! I mean it was an out and out lie and when I asked why he told me that, he totally ignored me and changed the subject. He hadn't even been drinking!