How do I find a therapist who "KNOWS" about ADD and proper care?

I'm wanting to meet a therapist who I can work with and trust as much as I trust what I've found in the book.  What should I look for? What questions should I ask of them?

Finding a Therapist

When you talk with a therapist, ask them how much they know about ADHD and its treatment (not because you want them to treat you, but because if they know a lot about ADHD then they are more likely to be sympathetic to your issues).  Ask them any of these questions:

  • have you had success working with clients who have ADHD or who have spouses with ADHD?
  • which ADHD experts do you get your information from?
  • are you comfortable working in the present about the issues that we have today, rather than focusing on our past?  (Note here - Imago therapy is one form of therapy that focuses on your relationship with your parents...not what's needed for ADHD, so you'll want to find someone else if you interview someone who says they are an Imago therapist)

Some number of my clients are also working with a marriage therapist where they live and often will simply give the therapist a copy of the book and say "we ask that you read this because we would like to work with you this way."  That works better, of course, if the person has experience with ADHD.

You can also call the local ADHD center, if there is one, and ask for recommendations.  Also, most local CHADD chapters have a list of providers in your area.  They won't generally give you a single recommendation, but the list can be helpful as you can use the network to get recommendations or to interview those specific people, who are on the list because they have an interest in ADHD.

There are a few counselors listed in my resources section, so if you live near one you can work with him or her long-distance or by phone.

I am also going to be starting professional sessions for marriage counselors soon.  Any counselor you work with could call me during one of these consultation sessions to discuss your case and get my ideas.  These sessions will happen about every other week, and will start in December or January (and be posted on my website).