How do I get him to remember something simple?

There is so much pain on this site, a lot of us have bled and cried over these issues. This isn't that kind of question! For those of you who are crying in the first flush of realization of how your mate's ADD has affected both your lives, this will seem petty.

I go to school 3 nights a week. I started when I realized I was probably going to have to support him indefinitely, as he had gone 5 months without even applying for a job. He's working now, but we made a joint decision that I should finish my degree.

How do I get him to record a TV show for me, when he's home and I'm at school? We have 2 VCRs, one records great but can't be programmed, and the other can be programmed but we can't find the remote.

I've made him lists, told him I was making them and taped them to the tv. He hasn't "seen" them. I've sent him emails and told him I was sending them. He "didn't check his email tonight." I've left him voicemails, but he "doesn't know the password" for his voicemail.

I know I could buy another VCR that I could program. I tried a universal remote but you can't program with it. I know I could buy a Tivo, or get a bigger-capacity DVR from the cable company, or get high-speed internet and watch the shows online. But all of those cost money we just don't have.

But I just need him to press a button! How do I get through to him that if he's watching a favorite show of mine, and I'm out doing family business, he should press the button and record the show for me? To me, that's just basic consideration.