How do I get him to say what is wrong before he forgets?

Sometimes my husband gets so down and won't talk to me about what is bothering him. Last night it kept him up until 2am. But then the next day when he feels better I ask and he says he doesn't remember. I believe him. But how do I get someone with ADHD to talk when he is bothered??

Short answer.....I don't know

Long answer.......what have you tried?

My husband frequently also doesn't want to talk about what bothers him.  If he wakes up, is over it, genuinely doesn't remember it, and does not hold any internal grudges over it?  Well my answer would be to let it go!  What difference does it make what upset him?  He is an adult man.  He has the right to not talk about it.  He does NOT have the right to take out his mood on anyone else though.

If these things getting him down cause him to get depressed or to get passive aggressive cause he is made about something but doesn't remember what (been there for a few months), then he needs a better way to resolve it possible worked out between you, he, and his doctor or coach or whatever professionals are helping him learn new coping skills.

I'd suggest some type of paper or electronic journal where he can talk about what upset him, listen back to it later, and learn from the things he's letting get him down that aren't worth the effort and learn better ways to deal and communicate when it is worth a conversation.

Best wishes to you!

I have definitely learned to

I have definitely learned to not worry if he isn't making a big deal. My main concern is his health. He is 43 and doesn't eat right or sleep enough and so when something bothers him and stops him from doing these things I want to help so he can eat a little or sleep a little at least.