How do I get me back

1 month post break up from ADHD spouse, and I still can't figure out how to get me back. I feel like this man broke me down mentally and emotionally with all of the lying, manipulation, and deceitfulness. I can't even figure out how much of what I shared with him was the truth or a lie. Is it just me or are the ADHD spouses just in denial about almost everything? And maybe this isn't everyone's story but it was mine... why was everything my fault? Why is everything still my fault? I have never thought any human being could be this capable of manipulation and have no sense of remorse about it. Now I am sitting here trying to get back to the happy, fun, confident and secure woman I definitely know I was before I met him... I just can't figure out where to begin to pick up the pieces. I have since questioned everything I thought was good about me before meeting this person.. Did I forget to mention that 2 weeks after we ended, he's in another whirlwind love affair that's "fun" and all in love again when we were just talking marriage 1 month prior to? Should I count my lucky stars that we never got to marriage?