How do I get through to my ADHD husband?

Hi everyone, I am at my wit's end.  After umpteen conversations with my ADHD-diagnosed husband about how the marriage isn't working and I need to move on, I finally had to tell him that I just don't feel love for him anymore.  I never wanted to actually have to say this as this causes so much hurt, but things are not moving towards a point where we can separate.  We have had so many arguments - him screaming and shouting at me - with the last straw being him punching 4 holes in a wardrobe door a few weeks' ago.  I can't take the damage to property as well as everything else!  After another blow up the other night when I told him how I was feeling, the next day it's like nothing has happened and I'm sure he thinks that tirade I was subjected to the night before has fixed everything and we are back on good terms.  How am I going to get through to him that the marriage is OVER?!  I will not leave my home .. we have already talked about putting it on the market .. but he just isn't getting it.  Or is it that he is so paralysed at the thought of being without me (who does everything for him!) that he is just blocking it out?  I feel so trapped.  I have to get away from this madness, the constant walking on egg shells and crazy making behaviour all the time.  Thanks.