How do I know if it's hyperfocus or if he really cared about me?

Hi everyone, it is my first time posting here. I've been reading many of your posts and they have helped tremendously. Here is my story I'm the nonADHD partner.

I met this wonderful man in November, we met online and instantly fell into this intimacy as if we knew each other for years. We spent every free moment together, we talked on the phone for hours every day, we skyped whenever we didn’t see each other. Then I started noticing he would make some off color comments (for example about me having hairy arms), he would lose focus when I would tell him about my day, but at the same time he learned every detail about me and my life, my family, my work so I know he paid attention (he would watch my family home movies nonstop). He would act angrily sometimes or blow up during traffic, he would wake up around 4:30 am on a weekend night and turn on the light and walk around his room and eat a snack (while I looked at him confused from bed). He could never decide what he wanted to eat (Chinese, Italian, Cuban, maybe he could cook something?) he was never very affectionate, kissing wasn't something he enjoyed, even being intimate was at times a problem because he would lose his erection or not be able to finish. He was impulsive, in all aspects of his life. But I fell for him anyways and I would love to understand more about ADHD.

Anyways, I soon realized something was up and he himself admitted that besides being diagnosed with Tourettes (he only has tics no verbal outbursts) when he was young he was also diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety. Never took medication because he was afraid of what it would do to his personality and other side effects.

It has been 3 months that we’ve known each other and last week was the first time that he didn’t call me on the dot at 3:35 pm (I get off work at 3:30) and he didn’t text me or call me later either. I let it go for about 4 days and then texted him and he called me and came over the next day. Now it has been another 2 days and I haven’t heard from him. He replied dismissively to my text yesterday and then didn’t call me or text me. He did pull away from me twice before saying he needed his space, that he had a lot going on but the next day or at the most 3 days later he would call me back to "reconnect"

Today I texted him and haven’t heard back. We never agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend, we were just taking it one day at a time but I really like this guy and I would like to know if he ever had similar feelings for me, if he ever could, is he ignoring me because he’s not into me anymore? Will he ever be? Once his attention is elsewhere will he ever think of me again? I don’t like sounding so needy. I have a lot to give and I bring a lot to the table in a relationship. I just really like him but have no idea if he likes me and is just distracted by his ADHD? Or if he never really liked me to begin with? Should I keep trying to contact him? Should I stop before I become more invested? So many questions