How do I take care of nuts and bolts things with my ADDer?

I left my husband and moved in with married daughter after years of saying I would do that if he didn't change (get a job, help with housework, etc.) He wouldn't leave, said he has as much right to be in the house as I do. My daughter is a divorce attorney and she backed him up on that score and said I could live with her family.

So now he's in the house with my dog and cats and he won't communicate with me. I know we aren't supposed to be controlling, but I'm as much responsible for the rent as he is. He won't answer phone calls and emails about "did you pay the rent?" I don't know if he's given the animals their monthly meds. If he doesn't pay the rent, it will make it harder for me to rent my own place. I don't want my dog to get heartworm. So I have a vested interest in things getting done. What do I do to be sure he's taking care of business?