How do I take care of nuts and bolts things with my ADDer?

I left my husband and moved in with married daughter after years of saying I would do that if he didn't change (get a job, help with housework, etc.) He wouldn't leave, said he has as much right to be in the house as I do. My daughter is a divorce attorney and she backed him up on that score and said I could live with her family.

So now he's in the house with my dog and cats and he won't communicate with me. I know we aren't supposed to be controlling, but I'm as much responsible for the rent as he is. He won't answer phone calls and emails about "did you pay the rent?" I don't know if he's given the animals their monthly meds. If he doesn't pay the rent, it will make it harder for me to rent my own place. I don't want my dog to get heartworm. So I have a vested interest in things getting done. What do I do to be sure he's taking care of business?


Re the rent, if I were you, I

Re the rent, if I were you, I would talk to the landlord.  Explain that you have moved out but you want to make sure the rent is paid.  Ask if you can be notified if payment hasn't been received by the due date.  Then, pay if you need to.  At the end of the lease, notify the landlord that you will not be renewing.  

Still struggling-Help!

I've posted before that I left my husband. He refused to leave, although I paid for the security deposit for the house and have been the only one working for the last year.

The electric bill is in my name and they say I can't change it. I got a shut-off notice and called him to tell him to pay it the next day. He didn't mention that he'd lost his wallet. I called and emailed him all weekend, no response. Finally today, Monday, I called the electric company and found out it hadn't been paid. I paid it myself. Then he did answer my call. "I was going to pay it today". But it had to be paid before today or they'd shut it off! Then he used the excuse of the lost wallet. I can't get the electric bill out of my name, so what do I do? How do I get him to be responsible, pay the rent and electric bill? How do I get him to take care of my animals, who aren't allowed to live here?

I don't know how much is ADHD and how much is HIM. I need him to be responsible! Is that possible or is he just going to ruin my ability to get electric service when I finally get my own place? Are my animals going to die because he won't take them to the vet? What do I do about this? I know I can't control him or make him get a job but how do I prevent the consequences of HIS ADHD from ruining MY life?