How do you find the right therapist?

I just answered part of my question in a reply to another post- by groups like CHADD and recomendations of others. I'm asking more along the lines of credentials, experience, and style. Well, I guess too- other sources for recomendations. Is there any sort criterea or resource to find someone who actually specializes in the topic? I have a hang up about the medical field becasue I've run into people and offices who are clearly more intersted in their business interests than what I wanted or needed. I've changed insurance carriers several times over the past few years and have had to get any treatment approved or reapproved by my primary care doctor. This group has argued about and actually refused to approve my chiropractor and phsycologist becasue they did work for that medical group. I guess to them it didn't matter that I had been seeing these people for years and they were also approved with the new insurance company. So yeah, I'm certainly guilty of getting caught up in the past on that one. It makes me mad even thinking about all that. I'm a little sensative about working with new professionals but now I'm forced to find at least one new person. For my med reviews, she just moved out of state and the gentalman I was seeing counseling isn't covered by our current insurance and I can't afford to private pay. So as far as style and experience with the topic of ADD (specically adult diagnosed in my case) is there any suggestions about what questions I can ask of the person durring an initial meeting? I really valued the other professionals and if I have to find someone new, I would really like to be able to first find out about them and we'll talk about me. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or ideas