How do you handle weekends?

I am just curious if anyone can offer suggestions on how to handle weekends in your adhd marriage. I have never been fond of weekends because it is so much unstructured time. My ADHD husband works 60 to 80 hours a week and likes to decompress on the weekends. We have two young children and I like to plan family time/activities into our weekend. My husband is fine with that and enjoys our family time. We both like to have some individual down time as well.  Our issues/fights occur when I ask him to give me a sense of when he will cut the grass or projects around the house. I am not trying to micro manage him, but it is good to know when he plans to do these tasks so that we can plan other things accordingly.

I know weekends are supposed to be pleasurable, but for they tend to be stressful because I feel like they can be a black hole if we don't have anything planned. This worked ok when we were younger and without kids, but I find it is no longer effective now that we have a family.