How do you know if a therapist is "the one"?

Sorry I'm posting this in this area but no one seems to read the stuff under therapy/help and all that :)


Ok so several weeks ago I learned that my husband has ADD, we had our first therapy session yesterday.  I need some guidance on what to look for in a therapist.  She did ask my husband the official questions to determine if he has ADD and all that.  And talked a tiny bit about ADD, but not much.  She focused on our marriage, which yes, it needs help, but she was asking us to do things that I know are hard for my husband to do with his ADD.  I told her many of problems with him and how ADD has done this or that to us, but she just hardly addressed that.  Are therapists just more vague on the first visit?  She didn't talk directly to my husband at all with any help to deal with it.  Just asked us marital questions.  Which like i said is fine, but I just feel she wasn't taking a very affective route, especially when ADD is the huge thorn in our marriage.  ADD is supposedly one of her specialties but I felt like i knew more about it than she did.  She was nice and easy to talk to, but I just don't know if she'll talk more about the ADD in future sessions or if I've already gotten an accurate taste of her already.  She focused a lot on communication, which yes we need much help with, but it's the ADD that makes it so hard for my husband to communiate with me, seems like that should have taken part in the communication discussion but it didn't!  Is this normal?  Am I expecting too much from her?  Should I not expect much talk about ADD for some reason?  At least not yet?