How do you learn to navigate power struggles?

What I have realize is that if my ADHD spouse are in the same room, trying to accomplish something, and I start to do it my way, he just takes over, and my only 2 choices seem to be:1.  get into a power struggle, or 2. walk away and let him take over and do it his way.  Neither outcome is nice for me.  An argument, or stuffing my feelings.

Any suggestions on how I can navigate this better?

This came to point yesterday as I was trying to put the top of our daughter's wedding cake into a box, to take it home.  It cake was top heavy, so I started to cut down one side of the box so I could slide the cake in. . .but my spouse grabbed it, said he could just cradle it down into the box using strands of foil,  which did not work, and it fell and smushed. . . . . .

Even this morning as I ttied to explain my frustratin, he just huffed and puffed and said, "I'm going to work outside."  

I keep hearing there is hope of ADHD/Non-ADHD couples.  But I really want to know how it is done.  What I can only see is this:  he gets his way, and don;t get my way.  No compromise.  Ever.

This lady has a headache.  I am really believing this is all much more work than I am willing to do anymore.