how does he keep a job??

All of this in the past week-none of these things are mind blowing, just holy wow--makes me wonder.  So earlier in the week we ordered out for Thai food from a place we order from all the time--I know what we all order and I have an account with Grub Hub-credit card saved, address info saved, everything.  DH did the ordering.  He could not figure out Grub Hub and when he finally did, two of the four orders were completely wrong, like he had to call and have the restaurant come back with the correct food.  What is so hard??  Last week he had his review at his job, the 4th job in 9 years, he's been there since March.  He texted me afterwards that they gave him a raise (small, but YAY), so his paychecks would go up.  Well, when his next paycheck posted, there was BOTH a bonus AND his paycheck was larger.  Now while I am thrilled to have the extra money, he clearly did not understand the conversation.  How do you misunderstand so thoroughly and completely?  A few weeks ago he took the sliding doors off the shower stall to give the stall and doors a good cleaning-again YAY but when he put the door back on, he didn't put them on correctly and the little clippy things at the bottom that keep the doors in the track snapped off so the shower doors on the shower three of us use twice a day are in the track on the top and literally swinging free at the bottom.  I have asked multiple times when he plans to fix them-get the clips and he said he asked our maintenance guy for them and he hadn't given them to DH yet.  I saw the maintenance guy tonight when I got home from work and asked him about them and the maintenance guy literally had me stand there while he want and got them from the workshop in our building.  Last thing--tomorrow our youngest son (age 17) works from 9am-7pm.  He is a token taker at the boat launch beach by our apartment and all the college guards and beach employees have gone back to college-he doesn't got back to high school until Monday so they are short handed and he will make overtime money.  Any way--last night the son and DH were sitting on the couch watching whatever and I made them pause the show and talk about tomorrow.  I said that I would bring the child lunch and a cold drink in the middle of his shift--it's supposed to be 89 degrees here and that is a long day.  DH was sitting right next to the child and participated in this conversation-like-"oh that will be a nice treat" type of thing.  Tonight DH says that he is going to pack the child a lunch since he has such a long day tomorrow.  What the actual F***???  I know our ADHD people don't listen worth jack but come on-how does this man function in the real world??  None of those things are difficult and he couldn't do any of them.