How to get on speaking terms with my non adhd partner


I have a question and maybe people around here have similar experiences. Forgive my lack of English, I'm Dutch. I'm a 39 year old man, just diagnosed with ADHD and in the middle of a rollercoaster of acceptance and other things.

About 11 months ago my girlfriend mentioned that i might have ADHD. Looking at my problems, sometimes angry out of nothing and my impulsivity, Next to the hyperactivity. The day after we spoke about it I made an appointment for diagnostic. But it would last 10 months for my appointment. 

Two weeks prior to my appointment it was my girlfriends' birthday. It was in a packed joint somewhere downtown and I had some beers. At first I was really relaxed but unfortunately my mood turned from happy to angry in just a millisecond. Not towards my girlfriend but towards men who were bullying me. That ended up in a fearless fight right in front of my girlfriend and her friends.


Due to this my girlfriend broke although she knows I probably can't do anything about it. 2 weeks later I was diagnosed with ADHD and probably caused the problems that night. To many signals, to many people, etc etc.

My girllfriend tells me she that she doesn't blame me but it was enough. As you can imagine it is very difficult for me to let it go. Because she's the one. We love each other endless. What can I do to get her back or at least around the table to talk? What can i suggest without pressuring her?

Hope to hear from you.

Kind regards, Martijn