How honest should I be?

Your spouse notices that you been acting differently lately, acting down, distant, aloof. Even before you realize it. You think about it, about why, and ultimately it comes down to your spouse's ADHD and feeling disappointed about things or something.  You know you need to accept it, suck it up, and move on. You know it's not something that he can control or does on purpose. It's not negative, it's not hateful, it's not's just how it effects you and the lives you planned together. It is something that you will get over, it is something you'll work out, but for now, it's...disappointing and sad. 

You try to pretend like you're over it, that you don't know why you were acting that way, that it's over, but the knows you too well to believe your act. Telling him the truth about what's been on your mind will only hurt his feelings, will only get in his head and start on the train of self-loathing. Again,it's not something he can control, it's not something that he chooses or can change. It is what it is. So when he's insistent on you telling him what it is, do you tell him the truth? Or do you keep trying to fake it, even when he knows you're lying?


I know im being extremely vague and I'm probably oversimplifying it, but trying to get some advice...