How is it being divorced with an adhd spouse?

Hey everyone I'm married to an adhd spouse and he's on meds but that's all he doesn't do any other therapy. He creates lists and never actually does anything on it, we have a house full of projects that need doing that never get done and I just sit here and stir, we have a baby at home and I'm terrified of divorce, having to split my time with my daughter, different holidays etc like many on here I'm hanging around because of my child, but I'm burnt out. I purposely went back to work part time to relieve some of my stress but I've recently started working more hours plus doing the majority of the housework. I feel like I try to be supportive and let him go golfing, see his friends, etc but it's never enough, I ask him to complete one task on the list and it's like I asked him to move a mountain . He insists I'm always bugging him to do stuff but it's all play and no work. I mean I get he works Monday to Friday but I also work nights long hours plus the house. It's always well weekends are my only time off I don't want to do shit on the house etc. I don't feel like I'm being unreasonable but it's literally take a month for one light to be changed, ugh I just don't know if we should move and forget this house move into something already done relieve some of this stress but I also don't know if I want to move with him if I don't want to be with him anymore. Anyways I got a bit off topic but anyone on here get divorced from their adhd spouse with a toddler or young kids? Any advice suggestions your experiences? Love to hear from you thanks!