How to let him experience the consequence of his actions?

My husband has ADHD and I would love to embrace the idea of letting him experience the consequences of his actions. My main thought that I am struggling with is around sleep, because I, and our family, continue to be impacted by his irregularly irregular sleep schedule. He, similar to many others with ADHD, struggles to get to bed at the time that he intends to go to bed. He then wakes up late and/or is very tired the following day. Without adequate sleep his ability to execute his executive functioning skills decreases (work productivity is significantly decreased), he keeps track of "his time" vs. "our time/family time" more tightly - becoming more defensive when asked to do tasks that are unrelated to his (unstructured) work, becomes easily more sick (viral illnesses from our toddler...), and most unfortunately beats himself up more/becomes more frustrated and inpatient with himself which is so hard for me to watch. What is the best way to approach this? Should I expect him to be chronically sleep deprived until he chooses to make a change (although he has the intention to change every night before he becomes distracted) - is this what would be considered experiencing the consequences of his actions? Should I encourage him to go to bed? Should I wake him up in the morning? Should I approach him as if he is fully rested?