How long do I have to stay in a bad marraige for?

My husband has ADHD, dyslexia, depression, has been laid off twice in recent years, and is a pretty nasty (verbally abusive), and angry with me all the time. We have been to see professionals (the top of the food chain), marriage counseling, and now our first grader is in therapy once a week, as am I - the solo breadwinner in our house. We have been married for 8.5 years now, two kids, boy 7, girl 5. Oh, he probably drinks too much as well.

I think my husband is playing up the adhd aspect and feels he does not need to work. I know he does not want to. He makes NO effort to find a job. This is a man with an undergraduate degree and an MBA from the #1 entrepreneurial business school in the US.

Seriously, every friend and family has told me to leave him as his negativity is taking it's toll on me and certainly, negatively impacting out children. I wanted to help him, I tried, but while I have taken this horse to water, I cannot make him drink....

What to do?