How to make and keep plans without arguing?

Hi, all,

I would appreciate hearing about your experiences (potential solutions!) in making plans with your ADHD partner and getting him/her to execute them. What worked? What didn't? Last night my husband agreed 'we' would make some phone calls for appointments, then go do some errands. This morning I had to tear him away from watching news on TV to make the calls. As soon as one number came up as incorrect and I tried to google to check the number, he tried to jump and and leave the room. He said I was wasting his time having him sit there while I looked for the number, and he had other things to do. Before he got that sentence out, I had already found the number. I tried to discuss why, when we'd agreed what we would do today, he felt it was suddenly urgent to go do something else. That went badly. We had only spent ten minutes making calls, then we argued for half an hour. Obviously it makes him feel too busy to have some scheduled commitments, and he started thinking about things he has let go undone for weeks and months. He fussed about how his day will be taken up running around, and it will keep him from doing other things. The 'other things' rarely happen due to procrastination and distraction. But the commitment to do some needed errands with me are making him so miserable that he can't even be civil to me this morning. How can we do better? I put things on calendar, and he lets them pass unremarked. I remind him of the calendar entries, and he gets angry. We agree to sit in the evening and make plans, then evening comes and he wants to 'do it some other time'. If he agrees to run errands, then while we are out, he starts complaining about being busy and wanting to skip some of them, even though we are driving right past those places. For today he is already saying we can't do everything we planned. He expects to take some things off the list. I look forward to hearing how other couples are handling planning and execution (follow through) struggles.

Thank you,