How many Dr & therapists does it take?

Husband is on his 3rd Psychiatrist and 2nd therapists within a year. He meets the DSM-IV criteria for ADHD, and per my observation has little if any hyperactivity symptoms, but off the charts on Inattentive type.  The Psychiatrist have use the typical DSM-IV questions and over all spent on average of 20 mins first visit and 15 per follow up visits. One of the Psychiatrist  even told him... "I dont believe there is such thing as Adult ADHD, but am prescribing you vyvanse to help with your focus"
His therapist , whom he likes very much seems very focused on general life therapy- meaning he gets no help with ADHD related life skills or specific help  ADHD strategies.  We also went to a marriage councilor a couple of times, but again... no help on dealing with life and ADHD. The marriage councilor said "Until he gets ahold of his issues, there's nothing you can do. You need to focus on making yourself happy and finding your own world." ... It made me feel as if the marriage counselor didn't understand that my husband literally thinks differently than typical brains. 

I've looked through the resources here on this site and see the nearest listed professionals are 3+ hours away. Part of me feels it would be worth it to have experts specific to ADHD, but the other part of me wonders how the heck we would manage continuous appointments 3+ hours away. 

My biggest issue is you dont go to a General Surgeon, (no matter how good they are) when you have heart surgery- you go to a cardiologist.

  • How many doctors have you had or gone through to help with ADHD?
  • Have you/or partner had complete Neuro evaluation testing? 
  • How many travel for treatment?   
  • How do you find an ADHD focused doctor if none are listed on the ADD sites for your area? 

Frustrated and fed up with the lack of professional help.