How much help do you give ADHD spouse?

DH decided to take a leadership role in son's cub scout pack. I warned him about the work involved and advised against it, but true to form, he took it anyway. I told him not to expect me to help, as I am already ds's den leader and we have a daughter in her own activities. Because the pack leader left, he was basically just handed everything with no one in place for other leadership roles. He either hyperfocuses and spend crazy amounts of time planning, researching, etc., or does nothing He planned a pinewood Derbyworkshop for tomorrow. Sends an email, then has auto reminders sent out. Everything is on there except for the place. Guess who never got tools, etc. together for thus, never got a place, and never sent an email to cancel? So, tonight, a parent from the pack calls his phone twice, then mine. We don't answer. I am not getting dragged into this. But, because he is my husband, people ask me about stuff and I am looking bad due to association. He was getting his laptop set up to send an email (I think) then fell asleep on the floor. There some other (new ) leaders who I wish step up and take charge. However , my husband complains about.not having help, yet when people do, he complains they aren't doing it right. I ask why he keeps doing this, and he says out of obligation. (He is an eagle scout). He does not have the organization skills to do this, but I do not want to step in. Should I? I hate that affects our son. I really wish he would quit scouts so we could be done with all of this. I know that is terrible to say. Do I just let DH do this and fail?